Virgil lives alone with his bully father and a mute bartender and he is being mocked by the two tough cowboys Eddie and Hank. Because of The Dark Butcher who has been terrorizing the local Indian tribe, the Indians see no other way, than bringing the dead to live by performing The Forbidden Rituals. When the Zombies suddenly attack the saloon, action begins and true characters are brought to daylight.
The film is inspired by Sergio Leones’s classic Westerns as well as the legendary films by Peter Jackson and George A. Romero and there are several references to the genres to be found in the film. The style is a mixture of hand held puppets and animation. Besides the funny characters and the gory action, it is the richness of highly prepared and surprising details that makes this film a unique experience full of dark humor.
Sets new standards for ridiculous f*cked-upness!
Hollywood Saloon
Like the first time you saw Evil Dead 2!
Creature Corner
It’s rubber cinema, but great fuckin’ funny cinema (…) Tor is Insane Genius
Director: Tor Fruergaard, Producer: Søren Fleng, Scriptwriter: Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen, DOP: Søren Hiorth, Editor: Alexander Hørup, Sound design: Allan Holmberg, Music: Tremolo Beer Gut and El Ray, Costumes: Jeanette Nørgaard
Claus Toksvig, Jesper Soelberg
Carsten Reinholdt, Kim Kix, Niels-Peter Henriksen
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