DIG & MIG – For enden af November

This video was made for the Danish duo DIG & MIG. I made the city of painted cardboard and Sara Koppel did the animations. She still works with pencil and paper!

My Bubba & Mi – Wild & You

This video was made in two weeks at The Animation Workshop for SPOT festival. The set was made out of paper and shot with dslr on a small dolly. The characters were hand painted and scanned into the computer. All the animation was done in Anime Studio and After Effects.

Tumor Warlord

This video was made from some slow-motion recordings captured at Stengade 30. It was edited with recordings of lava lamps, jellyfish, waterfalls, explotions etc. Check out Tumor Warlord here

Powersolo – Sensation

This video was shot in a huge mirror box. The box was made out of a wood construction, three big mirrors and one spy mirror. It took about three weeks to build and the mirrors were so heavy that I couldn’t lift them alone (about 50 kg. each). We had to shoot the video in complete darkness (with light inside the box) to hide the camera.

Direction: Tor Fruergaard
Cinematography: Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Editor: Rebekka Lønqvist
Helpers: Mads Nygaard, Louise Højgaard Johansen and Sara Lubich

Powersolo – Juanito

This was my first music video! I made it in three weeks for no money. It was made in cardboard. Rubber bands and fishing line made the band play on their instruments. And the bands faces were filmed on green screen. I had my first cameo as a Mexican wrestler.