Vokseværk gets OSCAR QUALIFIED!

Posted on sep 11, 2014

YES! Vokseværk won two awards in Odense, one of them is an OSCAR qualifying award. This means that Vokseværk gets shown to people with big high hats, and might have a chance to be nominated. 


Check out the motivation texts for both awards right here:

2014 National Competition Grand Prix (Best Danish Short Film)

Here is a film with a strong awareness of film language. We all know the subject matter well, but in this film we see it with new eyes. Here is vital story-telling – often rough; never trivial; and clearly made with brilliant craftsmanship. We were absolutely captivated by it, and by its ability to make us wonder at every turn. It is a film that keeps us on our toes. The jury wouldn’t change a thing about it – nothing could have been done differently, even if we never saw it coming.

Animation Special Mention

A fresh, daring and touching variation on the timeless coming-of-age narrative, the recipient of Special Mention combines elements of horror, classic storytelling and young desire in a cocktail that almost certainly will find and charm a large audience. Playful animation combines hand drawings with a stylized cardboard-stop motion look which highlights both romantic and eerie atmospheres – Growing Pains (Vokseværk) demonstrates that Tor Fruergaard is no longer merely a promising talent; he is a skillful filmmaker on his way to big achievement.

The Vokseværk page have also been updated with awards, reviews and credits…