These short animation films were made for Danish museums. We wanted to rethink the usual animated museum films, and decided not to use any voiceover or speech. We wanted to give people the feeling of being there and experience the story through images and sound.

Illustrations: Sune Elskær
Animation and Effects: Tor Fruergaard
Sound Design: Jess Wolfsberg

Kalklandet Intro:

At the coastal cliff site, Stevns Klint you can find 65.5 million year old fossils, from the period when Earth was hit by an asteroid and destroyed about 50% of all the world’s species. You can also visit an underground bunker from the cold war. We have linked the two timeperiods in this intro film. You can download the app at

Illerup Ådal:

Illerup Ådal is an archeological site located near Skanderborg, Denmark consisting of more than 15,000 items, mainly Iron Age weapons thrown into the lake, as a offering to the gods. We decided to follow a single sword from battle to grave at the bottom of the lake. See many of the weapons at Moesgård Museum